An infinite void

We are like empty vases. Our void is infinite, because we were created to carry the everlasting love. If we wouldn’t be empty, then we couldn’t carry anything. The emptiness we discover in us, especially nowadays when facing a separation from our busy life, is nothing bad. It is related to our purpose.

The awareness of our own emptiness may be a starting point to seek something that could fill it. Those of us who were not afraid to face it, know well that nothing from this world is suited for this task.

Without the awareness, we are subconsciously trying to fill it with things, emotions, experiences, events and even with other people. It gives us only a brief, temporary relief of the inner pain of cold, silent, infinite void within us.

The void can be only entirely filled by a fluid, water of live – Love.

There are no things that could potentially achieve it. No matter how many goods we will own, how expensive and big they will be, how unique the experiences will be, how many social connections we will have, there will be always empty space left. No visit to the Moon nor Mars will help us here. There will be always a lot of space left.

Only Love is able to fill us entirely, because we were created to let her be alive within us. Only by carrying it and sharing with others, we may feel fulfilled and in the right place. At least, I know it is true in my case.

Thank you Father, for gradually filling my infinite void within me. There are so many things to be removed, until we, finally, be One.


The Power of Humbleness

Christ is an example for us. He, who is God, considered being a human, didn’t take an advantage to be equal to God, but degraded himself and become a servant – the humble servant of Love.

We see this in his birth in so primitive conditions or in a necessity to migrate to a foreign country to escape from Herod, who will decide to kill all male newborn in Bethlehem.

His life was based on doing everything what Father told him to do. As he describes – it was his food.

He expressed this obedience to the full extent on the cross, which he embraced with the Passion, which has begun in Gethsemane.

Through the obedience he has been resurrected by Love, to show his victory through humbleness to his disciples and to promise them Paraclete – Defender. Holy Spirit is the one, who makes us capable of becoming Sons of God in the example of Christ. It is the Road for us, it is the Truth about us and it is the fullness of Life for us – become humble servant of Love, regardless of the hardship we will be invited to.

So then also we, who discover in our hearts the oneness with Love and express it in words, thoughts and actions, we have to remember, that we “cannot do anything alone’. We take all from Her. Her might reveals in us thanks to the humbleness and the trust.

It is the hardest to have this trust, when we are confronted with our own or our loved ones illness, or own deficiencies and failures, with unfriendly behavior of others. I want very often to rebel against everything that goes against by own will, but I learn more and more to humbly accept everything that I do not have an influence on. With time a place of negative emotions is taken by a peace.


Where are we heading?

Our destiny is a unity in Love. Everything was created out of Love and everything leads to Love – “I am Alpha and Omega”. Love is the beginning and the end.

To everyone who have personally experienced it, Love has given “ a ministry of reconciliation”. It is not done trough enforcing, scarring, convincing by using wise words, but by relaying the mystical experience of meeting the Love. It usually happens through a gesture of laying of hand or hands on a head of a person, who wants to meet her. Sometimes Love touches hearts of those who are simply listening to the Good News being told. Same way as it is happening right now to you. Everything depends on how open our heart is. This experience is not based on reasoning, but it happens on a spiritual level.

It was happening this way in the beginning of Christianity, before the faith started to be enforced by rulers on their subjects. A role of the Spirit of Love has been gradually diminished. It is our call to awake the Spirit in us again. This hope of awakening of many almost always brings tears on my cheeks, when I watch movies like “Awakenings”, “The Notebook” or even „Matrix”.

“The unity from within” is possible and it will be the only true unity. Existing hierarchies we built, based on their nature, will be reacting slowly and gradually, but they will not be able to ignore what will be happening within us on the spiritual level. They will have to follow the transformation happening in us.

“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” John 14, 20

It would be beautiful, if Christians could give an example here, but I have a deep hope, that the transformation will be happening in parallel, because in each of three major monotheistic religions and also outside them, there are many people who simply believe in Love, although they have never experienced it in a mystic way. There will be one Love and one Community. In our hearts we will find an answer how to get there.

Oh Love – may your kingdom come to our hearts.


The Biggest lie

“Love doesn’t love you!”

There are many that think, that the Creator has condemned us, that we have been exiled and that a sin has separated us from Him. What an absurd! There is no Love without Mercy. Nothing and nobody is able to separate us from Love! Nothing and nobody, only we ourselves, on our own accord.

We have been redeemed, we are free, also in choosing good or evil. Do not be surprised though, that when we follow the lie, we submerge in a swamp, which pulls us in deeper and deeper. There is no such a bottom, from which Love could not pull you out, because Christ has defeated the father of the lie. He has no power over us, neither his lie! It is us, who we feed on cheep substitutes, instead of following a voice of Love. We choose second best, instead of drawing from depths of the existence. A fullness of freedom is our destiny.

You are Son/Daughter and evil wants only to destroy everything in You what comes from our Father. It is all he can afford now: to degrade, to trample, to enslave, to distort and to bring your body and soul to death. You will not win against him on your own. Do not even try! The only way of getting rid of him is falling into arms of Love and a call for a help. A road to perfection doesn’t mean going directly there. The road to perfection is a trust in Love. Try it and you will see miracles! Do not fight evil, but start doing good! This good has source in your roots. You are His Child!

“Father!” “Father!” Do you feel your spirit comes up towards Him? “Our father! Father of all of us. Set us free! Please! Daddy… have mercy on us and on the whole world! It is enough. We are starting to see what is going on here. Come in your Spirit and set us free! We have enough wars, iniquity, exploitation, lies. We want the peace, the love, the compassion and the truth! Teach us to love! Reveal all your might in us.”

Our time is coming! We are not slaves, but heirs.


What are we doing here?

As of today, considering everything I have experienced and learned so far, I can write that the time we are given we have to use for internal, spiritual development. This is the only thing that really counts. Everything else is just an environment in which the development takes place. It doesn’t matter how many computer applications I will create, how many interiors I will design, how much money I will earn and so on. All this has no sense, if is not born out of Love and doesn’t lead to Love.

The most important in the development, is that we have a total freedom in it. Love is in this Word only one of many options. It is not that beneficial at the first look, because it invites us to share good with others, without waiting for a reciprocation, invites to break out from acting schematically. It encourages us to overcome our own barriers and fears. It tells us to go far from our comfort zones and to turn to others. Only in this way, we can feel, that we live. Everything else pushes us into an isolation.

Very often the main question is accompanied by a different one: “Why is here so much evil?”. I have an impression, that it is present here, because we wanted to learn how it is to live in a World, in which Love is not an obvious choice, but only just an option. The Tree of learning Good and Bad has seduced us. We trusted “The Biggest Lie”. From my perspective every day is a lesson of choosing Love as a guide, conscious returning to the paradise, lost as a result of my own choice. The more of us will seriously invest our time in waking Spirit of Love in us, the easier will be to exist here. We can choose Life or Death. Nobody condemns us. It is we who everyday make choice a world we want to live in and which will be given to us.

We have to be waking up a sensitivity in us on everything that is born from unconditional love. The one, that doesn’t seek own benefits, but it oriented towards a good of everyone. I know that we can only this way fight with evil – through good and seeking the truth, even if it is painful. Everything that we do has to be authentic, without a tint of pretending, flowing straight from inside, without filters or masks. We are certainly more vulnerable then, it is easier to hurt us, but it is a natural consequence of being frank. I do not see other way.

The World wants to divide us, so it will be easier to manipulate us, turn us against each-other. The truth is being obscured in a flood of false and contradicting information. We are equipped though with a tool, which, if developed well, will let us recognize all lies and all attempts to divide us. The tool is our spirit, which simply “knows”. Many of us, for whom it is hard to say a word “soul” call it sub-consciousness, sixth sense or intuition. Unfortunately everything is done to stop us from using this tool and do not realize its existence.

I believe, that when we will let Love guide us, we will discover, that we are on a path to an “unity from within”. We will understand how beautiful Jesus Christs’ words are that what we have done to our brothers, we have done to him. We will finally recognize how stupid it is to kill, to mob, to rob, to lie, to abuse each-other and we will know how much good we could do together. If we will submerge in Love we will discover a nonsense of all the division, but I will write about it in “Where are we going?”.


Who are We?

As I have mentioned in the “Seeking the truth”, after years of internal struggles and searching for answers to important questions, I realized how big is a dignity we are all called to. The dignity is inscribed into us permanently. It is unwavering, although many of us do not realize it.

It is our calling to become the incarnated Love, who strives to expresses itself in an individual, unique way.

In the light of my “Experience of Love”, after many years, I am certain that I know the answer, that will change your life, if you believe in it. I am writing here about the deepest identity of yourself, your true nature.

We are Co-creators. We are small off-springs with an full right to call ourselves God. The problem is that we have hard time realizing it and believing in it. Some of us consider themselves not worthy, to be called this way. It is a great mistake! Christ has paid for this truth with his own life. He has been tortured and crucified, because he dared to call himself a Son of God.

This is the Good News, the foundation of all existence.

“We are Gods, We are all sons of the Most High” (John 10,34-39, Psalm 82,6)

The above sentence fills with Light whole mission of Jesus Christ and his Good News about his Kingdom. How profoundly sound his words, when he talks about himself, that is about Love – I am Path, Truth and Life. In other words he says: I, incarnated Love, am your Path. I am Truth about you. It is me, Love, who is your life, a guarantee of a life without end. Your immortality. Love and you will be happy, because with every single day, despite pain and failures, you will be realizing your true Self.

I am. You are. We are.

We are invited to a unity with Great Spirit to the same degree as Christ was unified with him. We are invited to enter into same relationship as Jesus in Trinity. My all may be United in Love. It is amazing, that we can fully realize our freedom by doing everything what Love calls us to in our hearts. A development of this sensitivity, is a foundation of our growth, both in terms of personal progress and as a society. It is our goal, on which I will write more in my next post called “What are we doing here?”


Seeking the truth

My “Experience of Love” made me very sensitive to everything that is related to spirituality, especially Christian. I was brought up in a catholic family, although I haven’t found a very strong bond with a spirituality in a religious life of the church itself. It was worrying me. I wanted to go as deep as I could. When I was in a college, I discovered an existence of Spiritual Revival movement, which, to my great joy, was talking same language, referring to intimate, personal relationship with the living God, who is Love. It was for me the time of a deep internal development, mostly because the community, which wanted to wake up a sensitivity to what comes from the Spirit.

Throughout my life I am asking myself, what can I do with my experience? Can I share it successfully with others? This web page is one of means. I see it as a beginning of a longer road. I made a decision, that there is no sense to wait any more. It is time to take a solid action. I have to share everything that Love has put in my heart.

For many years I was feeding on what has a relationship with a life of Jesus Christ, who as a first called the Creator Love so profoundly. In his teachings I discovered something, that, to my great astonishment, was unnoticed by those who call themselves Christians. It is a radical Truth, which makes the Good News shine with all its brilliance. The Truth is extremely simple and when fully accepted it has a power to change a life of each of us. I write about it in “Who are We?”.

I intend to touch also two reminding fundamental questions: “What are We doing here?” and “Where are We going?” in later posts.


Experience of Love

It is a dream I have had when I was a child. This experience have had great influence on me and on the way I perceive our World.

In my dream I saw our Earth from above and started to move upwards faster and faster. The blue planet was getting smaller and smaller and a surrounding was getting brighter and brighter.

I had a gradually increasing feeling that all my problems, all problems of the Earth are are not that important and not that scary. I started to worry about my parents and all loved ones I had left on the planet. That feeling has gradually vanished as well.

Its place has been taken by a growing peace and I realized I heard an choir singing somewhere a single waving sound and noticed that the light was very bright, then … it just hit me:

The most powerful feeling of LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS I have ever experienced.

I cannot describe it in words. It was immense,powerful and beautiful. It was a feeling of everything having its own perfect place, a feeling of absolute safety. There was no even a place for an idea of a fear. It just did not exist.

I was completely filled with the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE.

This experience caused, that I have been born for a second time, this time in a spiritual way. The Word looked same, but I have had a feeling of a fundamental change in my personality.