The Power of Humbleness

Christ is an example for us. He, who is God, considered being a human, didn’t take an advantage to be equal to God, but degraded himself and become a servant – the humble servant of Love.

We see this in his birth in so primitive conditions or in a necessity to migrate to a foreign country to escape from Herod, who will decide to kill all male newborn in Bethlehem.

His life was based on doing everything what Father told him to do. As he describes – it was his food.

He expressed this obedience to the full extent on the cross, which he embraced with the Passion, which has begun in Gethsemane.

Through the obedience he has been resurrected by Love, to show his victory through humbleness to his disciples and to promise them Paraclete – Defender. Holy Spirit is the one, who makes us capable of becoming Sons of God in the example of Christ. It is the Road for us, it is the Truth about us and it is the fullness of Life for us – become humble servant of Love, regardless of the hardship we will be invited to.

So then also we, who discover in our hearts the oneness with Love and express it in words, thoughts and actions, we have to remember, that we “cannot do anything alone’. We take all from Her. Her might reveals in us thanks to the humbleness and the trust.

It is the hardest to have this trust, when we are confronted with our own or our loved ones illness, or own deficiencies and failures, with unfriendly behavior of others. I want very often to rebel against everything that goes against by own will, but I learn more and more to humbly accept everything that I do not have an influence on. With time a place of negative emotions is taken by a peace.