Death of the Spirit?

Words of Christ and his Spirit are our Light.

Those, who still rule this World have had an idea how to diminish the Light, so it would be not so obvious and so vivid. It has to be hidden, distorted, diffused, so God will not be the one who guides whole nations, but they will rule their “empires”.

It is not so easy to hide the Word once it has been written down and copied, but one can try to put out the Spirit, make people forget Him, make the Church infertile. It will be the best to cover him with regulations, rules. Everything has to be based on a written law. The inner Law cannot stay alive, because it is impossible to control.

The Church has to be solely dependent on human structure, on individual effort, on a hierarchy, and the Spirit has to be brought down to an useless ritual. Let’s the Laying of hands be just a symbol. It cannot be, by any means, a passing along an inner experience of fire of Love in a heart! Otherwise all our beloved empires will collapse! The rabble cannot discover, as taught by Christ and being made real by his Holy Spirit, that they may become in Him and trough Him gods, Sons of the Highest. In such a case our self-proclaimed “divine authority” will look so pathetic. Nobody will believe in our divinity‚Ķ

Long live the Cesar! Death to the Spirit!

The ruler of this world has been cast out long time ago and only in you he finds a support. Kids fighting for their sand-castles! Builders on a sand without the most basic construction knowledge. There is no other foundation than Christ! All your houses of cards will fall.

Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and you Beloved will shine on you. In the name of the Christ the Holy Church wake up and come out of your tomb!