Experience of Love

It is a dream I have had when I was a child. This experience have had great influence on me and on the way I perceive our World.

In my dream I saw our Earth from above and started to move upwards faster and faster. The blue planet was getting smaller and smaller and a surrounding was getting brighter and brighter.

I had a gradually increasing feeling that all my problems, all problems of the Earth are are not that important and not that scary. I started to worry about my parents and all loved ones I had left on the planet. That feeling has gradually vanished as well.

Its place has been taken by a growing peace and I realized I heard an choir singing somewhere a single waving sound and noticed that the light was very bright, then … it just hit me:

The most powerful feeling of LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS I have ever experienced.

I cannot describe it in words. It was immense,powerful and beautiful. It was a feeling of everything having its own perfect place, a feeling of absolute safety. There was no even a place for an idea of a fear. It just did not exist.

I was completely filled with the LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE.

This experience caused, that I have been born for a second time, this time in a spiritual way. The Word looked same, but I have had a feeling of a fundamental change in my personality.

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Such an intimate, profound experience… not just a dream, but a manifestation of love that was expressed perfectly for and to you. Thank you for sharing.

I also experienced the same touch, but in reality, being fully conscious. Most likely I will write about it too. I was literally crying from a joy. The True Love that attracts a man to a woman is the same Love that has touched me in the dream. What a beautiful reality we live in…

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