Seeking the truth

My “Experience of Love” made me very sensitive to everything that is related to spirituality, especially Christian. I was brought up in a catholic family, although I haven’t found a very strong bond with a spirituality in a religious life of the church itself. It was worrying me. I wanted to go as deep as I could. When I was in a college, I discovered an existence of Spiritual Revival movement, which, to my great joy, was talking same language, referring to intimate, personal relationship with the living God, who is Love. It was for me the time of a deep internal development, mostly because the community, which wanted to wake up a sensitivity to what comes from the Spirit.

Throughout my life I am asking myself, what can I do with my experience? Can I share it successfully with others? This web page is one of means. I see it as a beginning of a longer road. I made a decision, that there is no sense to wait any more. It is time to take a solid action. I have to share everything that Love has put in my heart.

For many years I was feeding on what has a relationship with a life of Jesus Christ, who as a first called the Creator Love so profoundly. In his teachings I discovered something, that, to my great astonishment, was unnoticed by those who call themselves Christians. It is a radical Truth, which makes the Good News shine with all its brilliance. The Truth is extremely simple and when fully accepted it has a power to change a life of each of us. I write about it in “Who are We?”.

I intend to touch also two reminding fundamental questions: “What are We doing here?” and “Where are We going?” in later posts.

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