What are we doing here?

As of today, considering everything I have experienced and learned so far, I can write that the time we are given we have to use for internal, spiritual development. This is the only thing that really counts. Everything else is just an environment in which the development takes place. It doesn’t matter how many computer applications I will create, how many interiors I will design, how much money I will earn and so on. All this has no sense, if is not born out of Love and doesn’t lead to Love.

The most important in the development, is that we have a total freedom in it. Love is in this Word only one of many options. It is not that beneficial at the first look, because it invites us to share good with others, without waiting for a reciprocation, invites to break out from acting schematically. It encourages us to overcome our own barriers and fears. It tells us to go far from our comfort zones and to turn to others. Only in this way, we can feel, that we live. Everything else pushes us into an isolation.

Very often the main question is accompanied by a different one: “Why is here so much evil?”. I have an impression, that it is present here, because we wanted to learn how it is to live in a World, in which Love is not an obvious choice, but only just an option. The Tree of learning Good and Bad has seduced us. We trusted “The Biggest Lie”. From my perspective every day is a lesson of choosing Love as a guide, conscious returning to the paradise, lost as a result of my own choice. The more of us will seriously invest our time in waking Spirit of Love in us, the easier will be to exist here. We can choose Life or Death. Nobody condemns us. It is we who everyday make choice a world we want to live in and which will be given to us.

We have to be waking up a sensitivity in us on everything that is born from unconditional love. The one, that doesn’t seek own benefits, but it oriented towards a good of everyone. I know that we can only this way fight with evil – through good and seeking the truth, even if it is painful. Everything that we do has to be authentic, without a tint of pretending, flowing straight from inside, without filters or masks. We are certainly more vulnerable then, it is easier to hurt us, but it is a natural consequence of being frank. I do not see other way.

The World wants to divide us, so it will be easier to manipulate us, turn us against each-other. The truth is being obscured in a flood of false and contradicting information. We are equipped though with a tool, which, if developed well, will let us recognize all lies and all attempts to divide us. The tool is our spirit, which simply “knows”. Many of us, for whom it is hard to say a word “soul” call it sub-consciousness, sixth sense or intuition. Unfortunately everything is done to stop us from using this tool and do not realize its existence.

I believe, that when we will let Love guide us, we will discover, that we are on a path to an “unity from within”. We will understand how beautiful Jesus Christs’ words are that what we have done to our brothers, we have done to him. We will finally recognize how stupid it is to kill, to mob, to rob, to lie, to abuse each-other and we will know how much good we could do together. If we will submerge in Love we will discover a nonsense of all the division, but I will write about it in “Where are we going?”.

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