Where are we heading?

Our destiny is a unity in Love. Everything was created out of Love and everything leads to Love – “I am Alpha and Omega”. Love is the beginning and the end.

To everyone who have personally experienced it, Love has given “ a ministry of reconciliation”. It is not done trough enforcing, scarring, convincing by using wise words, but by relaying the mystical experience of meeting the Love. It usually happens through a gesture of laying of hand or hands on a head of a person, who wants to meet her. Sometimes Love touches hearts of those who are simply listening to the Good News being told. Same way as it is happening right now to you. Everything depends on how open our heart is. This experience is not based on reasoning, but it happens on a spiritual level.

It was happening this way in the beginning of Christianity, before the faith started to be enforced by rulers on their subjects. A role of the Spirit of Love has been gradually diminished. It is our call to awake the Spirit in us again. This hope of awakening of many almost always brings tears on my cheeks, when I watch movies like “Awakenings”, “The Notebook” or even „Matrix”.

“The unity from within” is possible and it will be the only true unity. Existing hierarchies we built, based on their nature, will be reacting slowly and gradually, but they will not be able to ignore what will be happening within us on the spiritual level. They will have to follow the transformation happening in us.

“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” John 14, 20

It would be beautiful, if Christians could give an example here, but I have a deep hope, that the transformation will be happening in parallel, because in each of three major monotheistic religions and also outside them, there are many people who simply believe in Love, although they have never experienced it in a mystic way. There will be one Love and one Community. In our hearts we will find an answer how to get there.

Oh Love – may your kingdom come to our hearts.

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